Reliable water treatment technologies


We aim to stay close to our customers to be able to reach them in time and better understand their needs. Wide office and partnership network ensures timely and quality service.

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We provide consulting, design, manufacturing and maintenance services for all our water treatment equipment.

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For the equipment manufacturing we use only highest quality components. All our equipment is assembled and tested in our factory before delivering on-site.

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Our team has collected large experience in water treatment area. This enables us finding best solutions for each particular situation.

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Latest News

“Arionex LT” has started the construction works of the aircraft de-icing wasterwater treatment plant at the Vilnius airport.

24 - 2, 2023

“Arionex LT” has started the construction works of the aircraft de-icing wastewater treatment plant at the Vilnius airport. Due...


25 - 5, 2022

„ARIONEX LT“ team with Mr. Nicolai Arion has developed technology FERTARMIX, suitable for water demineralisation with zero discharge efluents....

Interesting Facts

  • 70% of human body is made of water
  • Drinking water makes less than 1% of the water found on earth
  • 3.800 cubic kilometres of water are consumed annually in the world
  • Agriculture consumes 70%, industry - 22% of the water. The remaining 8% are consumed by households
  • Most of the fresh water has dissolved salts. In many cases it is not suitable for use without additional treatment
  • 7.000 litters of water are consumed for processing 1 barrel of crude oil! You need 148.000 litters of water to produce a car