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ARIONEX – an international engineering company that creates innovative technologies for treatment of water, condensates and waste water. We implement solutions in all main industrial fields for more than 25 years.

We create water!

Water treatment process is always unique and has to be adapted to each individual case. Therefore, we offer a complete water treatment solution implementation from concept to its realization.

Our activities include equipment design, manufacture, installation, start-up and adjustment, as well as technical support and maintenance services. In water treatment process we use both traditional and unique our own developed water treatment technologies.

Our mission

– to create innovative water treatment technologies and to implement solutions which help our customers to stay competitive and friendly to environment.

Our vision

– to be a leader in water treatment technologies, as well as a priority choice for our customers, partners and suppliers

Our values

– honesty, competence, quality.

When aiming for quality without compromise, we must be honest with ourselves, our customers, partners and employees. Also, we must ensure our excellence in addressing the tasks.

Our strategy

– collaboration with partners, modern manufacturing facilities and constant investment in employee competencies.

We are working together with partners in each market and even market segment. Our goal is to build long-term relationships in order to be close to the customer. We are open and flexible in giving our partners the opportunity to work efficiently and become leaders in their markets.

Arionex is constantly expanding its manufacturing base, investing in research and development of new technologies. All this would be impossible without competent experts. Therefore, we pay much attention to employee training.

Our solutions are environmentally friendly!

Solutions developed by us not only improve the economic parameters of water treatment systems but also reduce the environmental pollution.