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More efficiency and safety with Arionex technologies

The water of appropriate quality is needed for stock-raising process. Arionex offers complete solutions that ensure automated, controlled, efficient and safe process of water treatment and supply.


Arionex designs the customized solutions depending on the raw water quality, the equipment used, environmental and technological requirements, which enable to achieve the required quality parameters at an optimal cost. Fresh and brackish surface and deep well water may be used in water treatment. Circulating systems of bio-treatment are used in pisciculture technologies.

Products and technologies used:

  • Mechanical filtration – Arionex MF
  • Ultrafiltration – Arionex UF
  • Reverse osmosis for elimination of fluorine, demineralization – Arionex RO
  • Nano-filtration for sulphate elimination – Arionex RO
  • Elimination of boron, organics – Arionex IX
  • Iron and manganese elimination equipment – Arionex F
  • Water quality monitoring system – Arionex A
  • Disinfection – Arionex UV and Arionex DS
  • Bio-treatment systems – Arionex B
  • Ozonisation – Arionex O

Advantages of Arionex solutions


  • Only materials and components of internationally recognized manufacturers are used
  • Arionex solutions are designed allowing higher engineering margin
  • Automated control minimizes the risk of human mistake

Lower operational costs:

  • Automated control requires less human resources.
  • Optimally customized solutions provide lower equipment downtime, maximize service life and ensure minimal energy loss.
  • Correct solution adaptation and automatic dosing reduce costs for reagents.

Compact design of equipment:

  • Compact design of equipment requires less room.

Automated process control:

  • Arionex A process control integrates PLC, SCADA and remote equipment control solutions. Arionex A communicates to other equipment using standardized ETHERNET, PROFIBUS, MODBUS protocols and allows equipment control via Wi-Fi connection and mobile equipment.