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Diaphragm degasation

Purpose – reduction/elimination of oxygen and CO2 from the water. Hydrophobic fibre (hollow fibre) membranous elements are used. The flow of water is passed through the inner part of diaphragm tube, and the vacuum is created by vacuum pump outside the tube during process. To remove both CO2 and oxygen, additional nitrogen is added to vacuum side. The gas flows through diaphragm into the vacuum side, and the water becomes deaerated. The system of a number of parallel cells is used. It is used for CO2 and O2 elimination from the water.

Quality of supplied water Municipal and deep water demineralized by ion exchange – without iron, manganese hardness ions, demineralized by reverse osmosis. Oxygen content 10-30 mg/l, CO2 content 10-300mg/l
Treatment quality O2 – 50 mg/l, CO2 – 50 mg/l
Capacity of module 1 m3/h – 100m3/h. *capacity of the designed system is not limited

Atmospheric degasation

Purpose – reduction of CO2 content in the water. Charge with large surface area is used. The water flow is sprayed on the charge with large surface area and countercurrent airflow removes CO2 to the atmosphere during process. The treated water tank is installed under the reaction tank.

Quality of supplied water Filtered water, water filtered by H cation filter, CO2 content 10-
Treatment quality CO2 – 5-15 mg/l
Capacity of module 1 m3/h – 100m3/h. *capacity of the designed system is not limited