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The company Arionex provides consulting services on all water treatment matters. If you use certain technologies or make products which need water of a certain quality, if you want to save water or increase efficiency, contact our experts, and we will always find an optimal solution. We will make all necessary tests using our laboratory capabilities, and will offer the necessary technologies and their implementation plan adjusted to your individual requirements, as well as calculate the efficiency and economic benefits.

Arionex Consulting
Arionex Project Management

Automation of water treatment process

Water treatment is a complex process, consisting of many steps and depending on many factors. Smooth functioning of the equipment requires constant monitoring of the equipment condition and of the various equipment and water treatment parameters, as well as support of necessary operating modes. Thus, the equipment provided by Arionex is automated. As the water treatment tends to be the part of more extensive production process, Arionex equipment is easily integrated with other systems. Our equipment can be monitored and controlled remotely to ensure the convenience and efficiency.

Equipment manufacturing

The company Arionex was founded in Switzerland, in the country known for applying extremely high production standards. Therefore Arionex uses only high quality certified materials and components in equipment manufacturing. All the equipment is assembled and tested in our factory prior to its installation. Accurate planning and design, thoroughly selected components, standardized process of equipment manufacturing and quality assurance, certified professionals and implemented ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 quality management system ensure the quality of the equipment and the necessary parameters of water treatment.

Arionex Manufacturing
Arionex Equipment Design

Design of water treatment systems

Arionex provides the planning of water treatment systems. We design the water treatment system which ensures the required water treatment parameters based on the results of our laboratory tests, pilot plant tests, process knowledge, evaluation of production equipment used and specific customer requirements. Besides, we calculate all the equipment manufacturing, installation and operation costs. We provide the design of water treatment equipment, estimate and the detailed manufacturing and installation plan for water treatment equipment to the customer.

Equipment service

Arionex experts perform warranty and post-warranty service of equipment. Our remote monitoring of equipment assures real-time monitoring of working parameters which ensures maximal fast response rate to all and any imbalances in parameters of water treatment process. After prompt analysis is performed and the reasons of imbalances are detected, we inform the personnel of our customer, offer the solutions to process adjustments, as well as help to make the decisions. When there are faults in automatics we manage to fix the problems remotely that allows the operation of equipment to be restored until expert arrives to the site in majority of cases. When mechanical fault is detected, the experts of Arionex arrive to the site and fix the faults following the terms set in the contract.
Arionex performs chemical cleaning of diaphragms of membranous equipment in customer’s facilities or in own shop-floor. Diaphragms are changed to temporary diaphragms in the customer’s equipment in the latter case.

Arionex Service
Arionex Test Equipment

Manufacturing of test equipment for technologic processes and testing

Under extreme conditions, our engineers develop the small-scale equipment complexes designed for testing, and perform the tests. The operating conditions of possible to use technology are verified, operational costs are determined during testing. The most effective technologies are selected based on the results of testing. Test equipment is assembled using ready-made standard machinery. This allows testing to be carried out in the shortest time possible.

Short-term lease of equipment

The company Arionex has ready to use filtration, softening, reverse osmosis equipment with a capacity of 0.5 to 1 m3/h for short-term lease. If you need to treat certain amount of water, to fill the system with purified water or your water treatment equipment currently used is out of order, Arionex experts will deliver, adjust and set the operation of ready to use equipment which will save the precious time and investment needed to purchase the equipment.

Arionex Equipment Lease