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More power with Arionex technologies

In energy production water is used for producing steam, heat and electricity. It is integral part of technological process. Water quality affects lifetime and performance of equipment used in technological processes. Arionex offers complete solutions that ensure automated and controlled water treatment achieving necessary parameters and enabling production of more power.

Steam generation

Water treated according to the manufacturers’ requirements is needed to ensure efficient steam generation and steam qualitative parameters. Arionex designs custom solutions depending on the raw water quality, equipment used, environmental and technological requirements. This enables to achieve the required quality parameters at an optimal cost. Fresh and salty surface and deep water may be used in water treatment.

Products and technologies used:

  • Mechanical filtration – Arionex MF
  • Ultrafiltration – Arionex UF
  • Reverse osmosis – Arionex RO
  • Electric deionization for intense water demineralization – Arionex EDI
  • Demineralization – Arionex IX
  • Iron and manganese elimination equipment – Arionex F
  • Water treatment with reagents system – Arionex DS
  • Water quality monitoring system – Arionex A

Water treatment for cooling systems

Properly treated water nearly eliminates the corrosion of equipment and pipelines operated by coolers, scale sedimentation onto the heated surfaces and biofilm growth. Arionex solutions ensure maximum service life of equipment, and minimise operational and maintenance costs.

Products and technologies used:

  • Self-rinsing filter system – Arionex F
  • Water treatment with reagents system – Arionex DS
  • Water quality monitoring system – Arionex A

Condensate treatment

Steam condensate used in other technological processes (e.g. heating of equipment or medium) may be contaminated with oil products and various salts. The condensate must be treated to the required technical parameters before it can be returned to the production cycle.

Products and technologies used:

  • Elimination of oil products – Arionex F
  • Demineralization by ion exchange – Arionex IX MIXCAT or Arionex IX MULTREX
  • Water quality monitoring system – Arionex A

Advantages of Arionex solutions

Modern ion exchange water demineralisation systems with high qualitative treated water parameters:

  • Arionex MIXCAT is a special mixed bed ion-exchange system with internal cation and anion resin regeneration used for the polishing of steam condensate or demineralised water which allows achievement of lesss than 0.07 µS/cm conductivity and less 2 ppb Na and 3 ppb SiO2
  • Arionex IX MULTREX is an up-flow packed bed on-exchange water demineralisation system with internal resin regeneration containing all cation and anion resins in only one vertical column which allows to achieve water conductivity of less than 0.07 µS/cm, without the use of the mixed bed polisher

Lower operational costs:

  • Automated control requires less human resources
  • Optimally customized solutions provide lower equipment downtime, maximize service life and ensure minimal energy loss
  • Correct solution adaptation and automatic dosing reduce costs for reagents

Compact design of equipment:

  • Compact design of equipment requires less room, thus, they may be installed in steam-turbine workshop

Automated process control:

  • Arionex A process control integrates PLC, SCADA and remote equipment control solutions. Arionex A communicates to other equipment using standardized ETHERNET, PROFIBUS, MODBUS protocols and allows equipment control via Wi-Fi connection and mobile equipment. The user gets professional service at a distance because of remote system control and monitoring