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Many years of experience working with global industry leaders

Arionex company was established in 1989 in Basel, Switzerland. Company founder Mr. Nicolai Arion has more than 50 years experience in the field of water treatment.
Arionex started its activities with implementing technologies for recycling condensates into water and products suitable for fertilizer production at some of the largest companies in fertilizer industry. Over time, the number of new technologies have been adopted and applied to other industries for solving water treatment problems.
Today, our solutions are used by more than 700 companies, many of which are global leaders in their own field, and the capacity of all our water treatment equipment installed reaches more than 30,000,000 m3/year.

Our solutions are used in many countries of the world

Complete solutions from idea to result

Each water treatment project is individual and depends on many factors. Therefore, we offer the full service package which allows achieving the desired result

Arionex Process

Efficient, time-tested, environment friendly technologies

Arionex uses only high-quality equipment of well-known manufacturers which ensures reliability, durability and the required qualitative parameters. Technologies refined over years by our engineers minimize the need for reagents, and innovative solutions ensure virtually waste free water treatment*, hereby, saving nature and energy resources.

* Product Arionex IX Fertarex designed for fertilizer industry uses waste of water treatment process as a raw material for fertilizer production.
Arionex Quality

No trade-off for quality

Treated water is used for critical manufacturing processes. Thus, both equipment reliability and product quality depend on it. Therefore, we use only the utmost quality components to ensure the required level of qualitative parameters and maximally prolong the life of equipment.

  • Our products and technologies are continually improved, testing of complement equipment and implementation of new technologies are carried out in Arionex laboratory.
  • Arionex WaterCycle® is a standard production process with integrated quality control which ensures the quality of products approved by international ISO quality certificates.
  • Arionex pays significant attention to staff training. Our employees periodically renew the knowledge and enhance their qualifications.

Wide partnership network

Arionex aims to be close to the customer. Therefore, we are working with partners in each market, and sometimes in different market segments. Partners are easily accessible, and knowledge of local market as well as customer specificity allows offering optimal solutions when being in place.
We want our partners to become leaders in their field, thus, our goal is a long-term cooperation. We create value communicating our knowledge to our partners and investing in our partners’ qualification.

Reliable investment that guarantees a transparent return on investment and helps to manage the risks

Treated water is often used in plants and production with a value of hundreds or even thousands of times higher than the value of our equipment. Therefore, the mistake costs can be enormous. Reliable operation of our equipment and stable parameters of treated water ensure the transparent return on investment and smooth operation of production facilities.
Automated water treatment process minimises the need for maintenance, reagent consumption, and eliminates the human mistake factor in many levels.