Arionex IX Fertarex
Arionex IX Fertarex

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The Arionex IX Fertarex is a special ion-exchange zero-discharged system used for the treatment and recovery of the waste effluents contaminated with NH3 and NH4NO3 discharged from the ammonium nitrate fabrication plants in the fertilizer or mining explosive industry.

Application fields

Process description:  The waste effluent contaminated with NH3 and NH4NO3 is treated, first, across a special strong cation resin which removes the NH4+ ions, afterwards, across a special weak anion resin which removes the NO3 ions.

The produced demineralised water with a conductivity value of 15 – 30 µS/cm is polished across a mixed bed exchanger (MB). The demineralised water leaving the MB with a conductivity value of less 0.1 µS/cm is recycled as boiler feed or process demineralised water to the process plants. The loaded cation resin is regenerated with 50-60 % cold HNO3 and the loaded anion resin is regenerated with 15 – 20 % NH3. The eluted cation and anion resin regeneration effluents are selective fractioned in several fractions. The most concentrated cation and anion fractions are mixed together and the resulted 18 -25 % NH4NO3 solution is recycled to the process plant.

The other fractions are recycled inside the Feretarex system and as result no supplementary waste effluents are produced.

More information about the process can be found here.

Quality of supplied condensate 0,5 -10 g/l NH4NO3,  0,5 – 5 g/l NH3
Concentration of  recovered NH4NO3 solution 18 – 25 %
Quality of produced demineralised water Conductivity less 0.1 µS/cm; Silica (SiO2) less 20 µg/l
Capacity of module 30 – 250 m3/h. *capacity of the designed system is not limited